Snake Avoidance Training


Keep DMSO in stock, it is effectively for a rattle snake bite, and on some pups that were obviously bitten by some unknown creature. You can pick it up at most any feed store. Its intended for treatment of horses.

Important Note: Make sure to wear gloves when applying the DMSO gel (preferred), to the wounded area of your animal.

Partners Dog Training School

Partners Dog Training School is Arizona’s elite behavioral training school. Based in Cave Creek (N Scottsdale) we specialize in correcting issues and building relationships between families and dogs. Since 1985 our trainers have assisted thousands of families. We are a full-service school, offering private lessons, group classes, boot camp, boarding, snake-avoidance, dock-diving, day-care, swimming, agility & protection.  —  Partners Dog Training School

Rattlesnake_dog-e1363891172683Snake -Avoidance Training

Snake Avoidance training trains your dog to avoid rattlesnakes.

We use a negative conditioning process that teaches dogs to associate the sound and / or odor of a rattlesnake, with a negative stim from an electronic collar. We use real snakes, and train in a setting that simulates the desert.

Viper Voidance

The type of training we offer is often referred to as “snake proofing”, or sometimes “snake breaking”. However, to be perfectly accurate, the training should be called snake aversion training, or rattlesnake avoidance training. The idea behind this type of training is to have the dog associate the smell, sound and sight of a live rattlesnake with a negative correction–a shock from a shock collar. The dog is not harmed and very quickly learns to stay away from rattlesnakes.  Read More

Hunter Canine – Exceeding Expectations

At Hunter Canine we believe in helping you to create a positive training relationship with your dog. By focusing on teaching your dog the appropriate way to respond to a variety of situations, he or she will not only learn how to behave obediently, but also become an active participant in their training and in pleasing you.  Training Retreats   –  Group Classes   –  Private Lessons  –   Day Care    –  Rattlesnake Avoidance  –  Lure Coursing   –  Agility    –  Herding — Hunter Canine

Rattlesnake Avoidance Training – More species of rattlesnakes live in Arizona than any other state in the country. Why risk the pain and cost of having you or your dog be a victim of a venomous bite, when your dog is the only effective means of detecting their presence in the environment?  Read More

Chestmar Weimaraners and Taunee Vizslas

We offer snake avoidance training clinics for all breeds, all are welcome.  We use a live, Western Diamondback rattlesnake that has been milked and defanged prior to each clinic.  The snake is not contained in any way throughout the session.  The clinics are set up in a desert setting and the snake is set out in the open, as natural a setting as possible. The owner is then instructed by us on how to approach the snake and we then work through the session until the dog has learned the desired behavior. Read More  Chestmar Weimaraners and Taunee Vizslas